1. No registration fees will be charged.

2. The team can consist of maximum three members.

3. To be eligible for woman prize either the team should consist of only female members or a female candidate can take part solo.

4. Individual submissions are allowed.

5. Bring your own laptops, phones, tablets and lan wires too.

6. We will provide access to internet and infrastructure support, while we shall not be liable for any network failure.

7. Any kind of plagiarism will lead to immediate disqualification.

8. By participating in this hackathon, you agree that the hackathon organizers shall not be liable for any disputes or damages related to hackathon, its attendees, intellectual property, and related projects.

9. Decision of judges would be final , in case of any discrepancy all right reserved to AASF.

10. Prize worth 15K.

11. Prize for woman coder and also for first from 1st year.

* Last date for registration is 8th April, 2019

Theme 01


Theme 02

Public Welfare Services

public health, pollution control, water conservation

Theme 03

Consumer Services

supply chain management, inventory automation, e-commerce

Theme 04

Future of Mobility

GIS, etc.

Theme 05

Open Innovation

open ended theme where ideas can be anything among smart city, e governance, transforming education, future of AR/VR, or any other innovative application using ML, blockchains etc.