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Abhigyan Abhikaushalam Students’ Forum aims to construct this shoreline and helps in constructing the further path. It works to conjugate the knowledge and skills into a single bunch. Knowledge is incomplete in itself, unless it is complemented by skills. This forum aims in providing the right kind of knowledge to the students and development of skills.

About Us


And Media


On Windows Basics, C, OOPS, Photoshop, Web, Java, Android, Linux and many more

Programming Contests

Regular programming contests such as ICPC Prep, Codehub and junior PCs

Technical Events

Such as Webkriti, Aakriti, Overnight Software Contest, PPT Contest and many more


On an equally important field of IT - Hardware

Oratory Events

Such as Jest A Minute, Group Discussion, Debate, Block And Tackle and many more

Managerial Events

Such as Case Study, Brandaid, BIT Quiz, Sports Quiz and many more

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“Abhishar”, the annual magazine of AASF, contains articles by students, alumni and the institute’s faculty and serves as a medium to exchange ones thoughts and experiences. The highlights of the happenings at the institute and insight on techno- managerial topics are the baits of the magazine.

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